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Siusan Patterson Artist_self portrait 2021

About me

Ithink women are amazing! We hold up more than half the sky! And I love how empowering it is for women to support other women. Not every woman has a voice or if they do, may be unable to use it. So it’s important that those of us who can, raise ours, in support of those who can’t.

Taking inspiration from the female forms found in Renaissance paintings, which are typically by the male gaze for the male gaze, my work reimagines these women and reinterprets them through the female lens. My work is not overly concerned with ornate depictions, rather I give the women a sense of enablement and self determination. I use multiple flat layers of paint to generate large figurative paintings in bold bright colours that create a sense of visibility and empowerment.

Weaving the narratives from myths and legends together with historical images that accompany them, I interrogate how we express and influence cultural attitudes about contemporary women and other marginalised figures and how this effects gender politics.  Identity and body image are core influences in my work and how women are impacted by societal Gatekeeping, where individuals or communities are excluded from, or policed by, the broader community to which they belong, and are impeded from participating in discussion, from entering a space they would otherwise be entitled to, or from claiming and expressing their own identity.

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Siusan Patterson is a visual artist from Northern Ireland now based in Scotland. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a BA(Hons) in Painting and Printmaking in 2019. She creates large scale figurative paintings using multiple flat layers in bold, bright colours. Siusan’s work is an exuberant take on the female form and female narratives. Her work interrogates the female body through a female lens, playfully incorporating contemporary landscapes with mythological and historical representations.

Siusan is the recipient of the Royal Scottish Academy 195th Annual exhibition SABA award 2021. She has exhibited her work in London and Glasgow and was selected for the AON Community Award as part of her degree show with the work exhibited in London’s iconic Leadenhall Building. She is a council member for Visual Arts Scotland, a leading platform for national and international fine and applied artists in Scotland.

Siusan lives and works in Crieff, Perthshire

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